In these times of mass production and superstores it is becoming more and more difficult to find unique, hand crafted, quality items. Cherry Picked For You is a limited company that has been set up to address this.  It is our mission to showcase artists who work to a very high standard.

Cherry Picked For You is an online showcase for high quality, handmade gifts for the special people in your life or as a treat for youself or your home.

All the products have been cherry picked for their stunning designs and exceptional quality of work. Our unique selling point is that all the artists on Cherry Picked For You are professional; the work they do is their day job so they are not hobbyists and they have all reached a recognised standard in design and production. As all items on the website are handmade, each one is unique. The artists work in various mediums such as jewellery, silversmithing, textiles, felt, ceramics, metalwork, wood and paper.

Cherry Picked For You prides itself in cherry picking the very best and we feel sure that when you enter our website you will find many beautiful items that will appeal to you.  Happy shopping!