Mother's Day Jacket Gift
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Mother's Day Jacket Gift
Mother's Day Jacket Gift
Mother's Day Jacket Gift
Mother's Day Jacket Gift
Mother's Day Jacket Gift

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These textile "Jackets" are a present and card rolled into one. Made from felted wool they have been designed to look like jackets and on the lapel is a brooch which is the present. The brooch is easily removed so it can be worn. As we know all jackets come with a label and on this textile label are the words: "XX Happy Mother's DayXX" on the top line. Underneath on the second line: "100% Super Human" on the third line: "Hand wash only. Do not press." and on the last line: No bleach except on hair."An affectionate and humorous way to show your mum how much you love and appreciate her this Mother's Day. There are five designs and they are identified by the brooch, please choose the one you require using the selection box.


Range from 150 - 200mm x 100 -120mm

Mother's Day Jacket Gift

Textile Artist, Nina Green, has created these delightful "jackets" for that special present on Mother's Day'. Each one is unique and there are five in the set. Once they are sold they are gone.

Mother's Day Jacket Gift by Nina Green £ 15.00

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